[p4] Can I switch users for submitted changelist

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Thu Mar 5 14:51:41 PST 2009

What version are you looking at? The docs for 2008.1 off the Perforce 
web site say:

Force flag. Allows the description, modification date, or user of a 
submitted changelist to be edited. Editing a submitted changelist 
requires admin or super access. Superusers and administrators may also 
overwrite read-only fields when using the -f flag.

I'm guessing you're looking at an older version. This feature has been 
there since 2007.1. The text you're quoting is the same as that in the 
2006.2 docs.


Calman, Kevin wrote:
> "p4 help change" says, 
> 	The -f flag can force the update or deletion of other users'
> pending	
> 	changelists.  -f can also force the deletion of submitted
> changelists
> 	once they have been emptied of files via 'p4 obliterate'.
> Normally,
> 	submitted changelists are immutable.  The -f flag requires
> 'admin'
> 	access granted by 'p4 protect'. 
> If Bhavbhuti's changes are already submitted, as it would appear, then
> the only way to "change" them is to wipe them out and start over.

Stephen Vance

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