[p4] What actually happens during checkpoint

Mike Sundy msundy at pixar.com
Thu Mar 5 17:18:37 PST 2009

Yes, rebalancing is probably your answer to speed up checkpoints.   
Some sites also do journal truncates on weekdays and only full  
checkpoints on weekends.

I had hope that this feature in 2005.1 would fix the problem, but it  
seems like you still need to do periodic rebalancing:

Btree passive reorganization - #68043 **

	    As updates are made to the db.* tables, the server now
	    reorganizes portions of the table as necessary to maintain
	    sorted order across contiguous leaf pages. These passive
	    reorganizations will result in better performance when
	    scanning portions of the table since physical movements
	    of the disk heads will be reduced and readahead will be
	    more effective. This feature should reduce the need to
	    periodically recreate the db.* tables from a checkpoint
	    to improve performance, but may increase the size of
	    some of the db.* tables due to the allocation of new
	    contiguous pages.


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