[p4] Replicating p4 users and groups

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Fri Mar 6 14:35:21 PST 2009

Strip all lines from your journal for the group and user tables (lines 
with '@db.group@' and '@db.user@') and replay them into the other 
server. Don't forget to checkpoint the target server and play with your 
approach first. Remember, that it will alter data like you want and, if 
you make a mistake, it will alter data like you don't want.


Eugene Boguslavsky wrote:
> Is there a way to migrate all user related info from one p4 server to another? This would include users and groups and tables. Keep in mind, that I do not want to migrate any RCS or depot related info, just the users and groups.
> Thanks
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Stephen Vance

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