[p4] Partial branch integration causes problems

Finn Normann Pedersen merenpha at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 06:12:12 PDT 2009


I have a problem with branching that I hope some of you might know a
solution on.

1. I branch some files from branch A to B.
2. Once work is done in B and I do a filespec integration from B to A,
but only some of the files are branched back into A to make testing A
more simple.
3. Once testing is done on the partial changes I want to integrate the
rest of the changes in B back into A ... but now perforce tells me
that the integration is "done" and there is nothing to integrate. I
then force integration of file already integrated (check under
options), but now the perforce merge application tells me that the
files are totally different, even though only minor changes exist.

Is this a perforce problem? A merge application problem? ... or me ;o)  ??

Hope you can help !

  Finn Normann Pedersen

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