[p4] Has change propagated ?

G Barthelemy gb.perforce at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 11 04:07:35 PDT 2009

I am trying to find out if a particular changelist has propagated. By
"propagated" I mean that for each file in the changelist, I want to
know if any revision (on the same branch) since - and including the
revision submitted with the changelist - has been integrated to any
other branch (I am not interested in excluding backed out changes).

Basically, I think that what I really want, is for "p4 integrated" to
support changelists, revision ranges and integrate actions as revision
specifiers or output filters. Or alternatively, for the opposite of
the p4 interchanges command.

But in the mean time, I believe this can only be achieved by
scripting. I was thinking along those lines:

take a change
p4 describe it
for each depotFile#rev, run p4 integrated depotFile
  for each integrate action (how) matching "into"
    if endToRev >= rev then break and bingo, change has propagated to
fromFile (yes "fromFile" is the destination when integration action is

Has anyone got a better idea ? To me it seems expensive (think
changelist with over 10000 file revisions, which would result in
running as many integrated commands).


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