[p4] Partial branch integration causes problems

Finn Normann Pedersen merenpha at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 06:13:21 PDT 2009


Thank you all for the nice answers.

To Dan Wilder: That may indeed be the problem - I will take that up
with people, but unfortunately it doesnt solve our problem.

To Chuck: That is the problem. A changelist may contain multiple files
and each file may contain multiple changes, BUT only some of the
changes within the files is wanted at first - the remainder of the
changes is wanted integrated later on.

In the example I recently had it is an interface definition which
multiple functional definitions. The first test only focus on some
some of the functions so the remaining functions are left out to not
disturb the first test.

   Finn Normann Pedersen

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 8:50 PM, Dan Wilder
<Dan.Wilder at eng.watchguard.com> wrote:
> If you find yourself having to integrate part of a changelist in order
> to have something QA-able, think about whether your changelists are
> well-targeted on a single topic, or whether they're big omnibus
> wrap-up-everthing-one-developer-did-in-a-week things.
> It's possible you've got a mismatch between your QA requirements and how
> your developers are working.
> Personally I favor narrowly-targeted changelists.  I'll fix one bug or
> add one well-defined and free-standing portion of one feature, then
> submit.   If it takes several days to fix one bug or add a feature I'll
> submit more than once, provided the submits don't break the build or the
> smoke test.  That is, each change must be one complete and consistent
> unit of work.
> If I'm working on something else at the same time, I'm either very
> selective about files to be submitted, or else I'll work in two or three
> different work areas, one per bug or feature.
> The developers here all follow this, at least roughly.  Frequent
> automatic smoketest builds with results emailed to everybody who has
> submitted since last successful build, and also to a few key managers,
> help enforce a discipline of don't-break-the-build.
> --
> Dan Wilder
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> When you tell Perforce to force an integration, you're not only telling
> it to do it despite having done it before. You're also telling it to
> ignore any previous integration history and go all the way back to the
> beginning in evaluating the diffs.
> Steve
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> Subject: [p4] Partial branch integration causes problems
> Hi,
> I have a problem with branching that I hope some of you might know a
> solution on.
> 1. I branch some files from branch A to B.
> 2. Once work is done in B and I do a filespec integration from B to A,
> but only some of the files are branched back into A to make testing A
> more simple.
> 3. Once testing is done on the partial changes I want to integrate the
> rest of the changes in B back into A ... but now perforce tells me that
> the integration is "done" and there is nothing to integrate. I then
> force integration of file already integrated (check under options), but
> now the perforce merge application tells me that the files are totally
> different, even though only minor changes exist.
> Is this a perforce problem? A merge application problem? ... or me ;o)
> ??
> Hope you can help !
> Cheers,
>  Finn Normann Pedersen
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