[p4] P4DTG vs P4DTI

ravi ravi-lists at g8o.net
Thu Mar 12 08:56:22 PDT 2009

Hello all,

in an adventurous urge, I am attempting to upgrade my infrastructure  
to Bugzilla-3.2 and therefore migrate from P4DTI to P4DTG. With the  
assistance of the very helpful support staff @ Perforce, I have P4DTG  
with the Bugzilla plug-in working. But I am worried... and the reasons:

1) P4DTI used to display, against a bug in Bugzilla, a neat table of  
changes with details. P4DTG's Bugzilla plug-in only lists the change  
numbers in a custom field in Bugzilla.

2) The fact that P4DTI replicated a lot of P4 info into p4dti_*  
Bugzilla tables meant that I could query P4 and Bugzilla in one place  
(MySQL) without resorting to p4sql. Now those tables are no longer  
available. All my fancy reports are thus broken! ;-)

3) The P4DTG plug-in configuration is a little confusing: when adding  
the Bugzilla information, it only provides room to enter one custom  
field (cf_p4fixes). In the Mappings page however, both in the Bugzilla  
and Perforce sections, it provides two fields: Fixes (for the list of  
changes), and Fix Details / change description. Mapping these two  
fields in the Perforce section to the corresponding field in Bugzilla  
does not produce the expected result. Instead, both the list of  
changes and the change descriptions are all mapped into the Bugzilla  
custom field cf_p4fixes!

4) The replication (perhaps because of the above strange mapping?) is  
buggy: for one job/bug, which has two changes, the replicator copied  
the change numbers and descriptions into Bugzilla's cf_p4fixes field,  
but the list of change numbers contained only the first change,  
whereas the change descriptions include both. This is not true for all  
bugs/changes, only some! Perhaps this is because I am confused about  
the mapping business:

In the "Field mappings" column, there are (of interest to the above):


under which I have the mapping:

	List of Change Numbers -> Fixes

And there is also:


which is the section Perforce automatically chose for this mapping:

	P4Fix -> Perforce fix information


Has anyone else been similarly struggling with P4DTG+Bugzilla? I would  
greatly benefit from hearing of your experiences and possible successes.

I have a very quickly hacked up version of the P4DTG modified  
show_bug.cgi to bring back the functionality to display change  
information in a table. It is, as mentioned, a hack done to quickly  
avoid a revolt in my user base ;-) -- it uses a hidden DIV that is  
populated with the change info, which can be viewed by clicking on a  
link. It assumes that the cf_p4fixes custom field has both the change  
numbers and details mapped into it. If anyone is interested, I can  
share it (and we can make it more Bugzilla coding practices compliant  
as we go).


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