[p4] P4DTG Question.

Kale,Amol(Remedy) Amol_Ajit_Kale at BMC.com
Mon Mar 16 03:45:36 PDT 2009

            We are using P4DTG to integrate Perforce jobs with a Defect Tracking tool.
            At present we are using the plug-in that comes free with P4DTG, the Mercury Quality Centre 9.0 plug-in.

            I have configured the mappings using MIRROR option and the mappings work great only in ONE DIRECTION,
            i.e. Mercury QC to P4. But when I try to modify a perforce job and try to integrate it with the Defect Tracer, the
            data does not flow through at all.

            Any comments what might be failing?

Amol A. Kale

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