[p4] Has change propagated ?

Slava Imeshev imeshev at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 16 11:54:11 PDT 2009


We developed a technology that automatically integrates changes
Perforce branches. A side effect of this is that Parabuild provides an
status for two branches where you can see what change lists were/were
integrated. You can try and see if it works for you:


Hope this helps.


Slava Imeshev

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> Subject: [p4] Has change propagated ?
> I am trying to find out if a particular changelist has propagated.
> "propagated" I mean that for each file in the changelist, I want to
> know if any revision (on the same branch) since - and including the
> revision submitted with the changelist - has been integrated to any
> other branch (I am not interested in excluding backed out changes).
> Basically, I think that what I really want, is for "p4 integrated"
> support changelists, revision ranges and integrate actions as
> specifiers or output filters. Or alternatively, for the opposite of
> the p4 interchanges command.
> But in the mean time, I believe this can only be achieved by
> scripting. I was thinking along those lines:
> take a change
> p4 describe it
> for each depotFile#rev, run p4 integrated depotFile
>   for each integrate action (how) matching "into"
>     if endToRev >= rev then break and bingo, change has propagated
> fromFile (yes "fromFile" is the destination when integration action
> "into").
> Has anyone got a better idea ? To me it seems expensive (think
> changelist with over 10000 file revisions, which would result in
> running as many integrated commands).
> Cheers,
> Guillaume
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