[p4] how to get last synced changelist?

Heather Van Steenburgh hvansteenburgh at tableausoftware.com
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Does changelist 1002 only affect files outside your client view?  From
your description of the behavior, it sounds like that is probably the

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    I searched the P4 knowledge base and found following answer:

p4 changes -m1 @clientname

It works at most time, however sometimes have problems.

for example, I have synced to @1001 and @1002 before, but it will tell
me @1001 is the last synced change list. and when I sync to @1002, it
will tell me error: file(s) update-to-date.

the P4 server version we used is as following:
Server version: P4D/SOLARIS10X86_64/2008.1/176084 (2008/11/20)

I am ask this question because we want to implement a Cruise Control
based build server, which only pick 1 change list for every build. I use
following way to perform this:

 1.  use "p4 changes -m1 @clientname" to get the last synced CL
 2.  use "p4 changes //clientname/... at lastCL+1, @now" to get all CLs
since last synced CL, then just pick  the earliest one to sync.

on CruiseControl build server, we will use this way to check
modifications and sync the changes, it works at most time, but if met
the above error case, it will keep syncing one changelist and don't go


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