[p4] fstat digest of text file (CALL#2327524)

Sergey Klibanov sklibanov at day1studios.com
Fri Mar 27 04:57:25 PDT 2009

That answers everything.


Benjamin, you asked why... Well, I have an automated process where I
need to compare locally-generated files against their head revision in
the depot. The wrinkle is that for a variety of reasons the files I need
to compare aren't synced on the machine running this operation, and may
even reside some place other than where the client spec thinks they
should be. I looked at p4 help diff for a bit, but found no way to get
it to report diffs for un-synced and badly-located files.


So I'm just comparing the digest of the locally-generated file to the
one reported by fstat. Converting the line endings locally before
calculating a hash seems totally reasonable, I was just making sure the
behavior would be consistent.


If there's a cleaner way to get that done (without syncing the files and
comparing in-place, that is), I'd be glad to try. 


Thanks for your quick responses, everyone! :)






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Hello Jeff,


> I do not have more details, but it looks fairly self-explanatory...


Yes, indeed.


> It looks like fstat -Ol run on a text file reports a digest made with

> unix-style endlines (\n) and not Windows-style endlines (\r\n). 

> Will this always be the case? 


Yes, Perforce Server processes all text files using Unix-style LF

Although Perforce stores server archive files on disk in the operating

native line termination convention (CR/LF on Windows, LF on Unix), all

line-endings are normalized to Unix-style LF line-endings for internal

Server operations including 'p4 fstat'.


> Does this behavior change with the platform the server runs on? 


No, as explained above.


> Is it a server configuration option?


Maybe I am why do you need this, so that I can log an enhancement
request for

you if you want.


You may find it useful to refer to the following article:


  CR/LF Issues and Text Line-endings



If you have any further questions, please let me know.







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