[p4] Spec depots?

Matt Janulewicz matt.janulewicz at lucasfilm.com
Mon Mar 30 10:05:30 PDT 2009

Most of the labels we have are auto-generated by the build system and 
have a certain lifespan. I don't think the total amount of labels grows 
very fast, but we're talking tens of thousands of files getting labeled 
for a build. In general our daily builds do not correspond nicely to 
#head or a certain point in time (for the whole tree) so unfortunately 
we can't normally use an automatic label.

I do archive labels now and again but most of those 5000+ labels have 
been created within the past year.

We have in excess of 300 users, plus some service accounts that do 
various builds. Most workspaces are semi-permanent, we don't 
auto-generate hundreds per day. And as with the labels, I clear out old 
workspaces now and again, especially for users who no longer work here.


Robert Schneider wrote:
> > As for disk space, it doesn't seem that exorbitant to me. The two major
> > types of specs that take up room are workspaces and labels. We have 3373
> > workspaces with about a year's worth of history and 5593 labels.
> Seems to be a lot, for me. May I ask what you are labeling? And how do 
> you organize them? Are they generated?
> Greetings,
> Robert

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