[p4] [Newbie]: Mapping one depot to multiple locations in same workspace

Tobias Alte tobias_alte at web.de
Mon Mar 30 18:15:36 PDT 2009


I am fairly new to P4 and have yet to figure out how to do the following:

Given a depot A (for binary files in that specific case):


I want to do the following:

//A/subdir_a/project_a/Debug/... //(local_files)/build/Debug/...
//A/subdir_a/project_a/Release/... //(local_files)/build/Release/...
//A/subdir_a/project_a/Debug/... //(local_files)/build/win32/vc8.0/Debug/...
//A/subdir_a/project_a/Debug/... //(local_files)/build/win32/vc9.0/Debug/...

Basically a one(depot)-to-many(locations in one workspace) relation. So 
far I am not able to get this work with pretty much any possible 
combination of '+' etc.

Right now I assume it is not supposed to work because P4 maybe doesn't 
work as a 'storage only' system - meaning it doesn't let me create 
two(more) copies of the same depot file in one workspace even if I have 
no intention of modifying them.

Is this assumption correct or did just not use the right workspace 
configuration yet?

I working with client (2008.2/188141) on server version (2007.2/136816).

Thanks a lot for any input!

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