[p4] [Newbie]: Mapping one depot to multiple locations in same workspace

Philip Panyukov ppanyukov at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 31 02:56:46 PDT 2009

I too found this to be a limitation is some cases.  One recent one was
to set up one single branch spec for all the tools we use in all
projects and then use that spec to integrate new versions of tools
into projects.

TOOLS branch
//tools/NAnt/... //projA/tools/NAnt/...
//tools/NAnt/... //projB/tools/NAnt/...
//tools/NAnt/... //projC/tools/NAnt/...

If the above were possible, it would give us ability to integrate and
diff using just one branch name TOOLS.

Alas, this doesn't work, so every project has to set up its own
branchspec TOOLS-PROJA, TOOLS-PROJB etc etc.


2009/3/31 Rick Macdonald <rickmacd at shaw.ca>:
> A workspace specification is a two-way mapping and has to be unique. On
> UNIX I would use symlinks or three difference workspace specifications
> and just sync all three. If you're not updating anything, maybe three
> workspaces would be just as good?
> Rick
> Tobias Alte wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am fairly new to P4 and have yet to figure out how to do the following:
>> Given a depot A (for binary files in that specific case):
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Debug/
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Release/
>> I want to do the following:
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Debug/... //(local_files)/build/Debug/...
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Release/... //(local_files)/build/Release/...
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Debug/... //(local_files)/build/win32/vc8.0/Debug/...
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Release/...
>> //(local_files)/build/win32/vc8.0/Release/...
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Debug/... //(local_files)/build/win32/vc9.0/Debug/...
>> //A/subdir_a/project_a/Release/...
>> //(local_files)/build/win32/vc9.0/Release/...
>> Basically a one(depot)-to-many(locations in one workspace) relation. So
>> far I am not able to get this work with pretty much any possible
>> combination of '+' etc.
>> Right now I assume it is not supposed to work because P4 maybe doesn't
>> work as a 'storage only' system - meaning it doesn't let me create
>> two(more) copies of the same depot file in one workspace even if I have
>> no intention of modifying them.
>> Is this assumption correct or did just not use the right workspace
>> configuration yet?
>> I working with client (2008.2/188141) on server version (2007.2/136816).
>> Thanks a lot for any input!
>> Tobias
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