[p4] Spec depots?

Matt Janulewicz matt.janulewicz at lucasfilm.com
Tue Mar 31 11:39:04 PDT 2009

Robert Cowham wrote:
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> > Janulewicz
> > Sent: 30 March 2009 18:05
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> > Most of the labels we have are auto-generated by the build
> > system and have a certain lifespan. I don't think the total
> > amount of labels grows very fast, but we're talking tens of
> > thousands of files getting labeled for a build. In general
> > our daily builds do not correspond nicely to #head or a
> > certain point in time (for the whole tree) so unfortunately
> > we can't normally use an automatic label.
> To my mind that statement is a danger sign - at least for most
> organisations.
> I would consider it normal for daily builds to be done to a changelist 
> (on a
> branch), and to mostly work. Mostly as in 98% of the time or similar. 
> Thus a
> label can be just an alias for a changelist. Continuous integration 
> servers
> make the above achievable *for most organisations*.
> In Matt's case, I am presuming lots of binary artefacts and things like
> texture builds and other related things. Games companies (among 
> others) have
> this problem, where the "full build" takes hours not minutes, and 
> people end
> up breaking things because of the lag between checkin and build.
> Incrementals are often difficult in such environments.

This is exactly the case. :)  Plus (I'm not sure if anyone else in my 
company reads this mailing list, so I'll try not to sound condescending) 
historically there was a lack of formal process management in our 
environment and we'll be reaping the benefits of that for some time. The 
folks tasked with getting product out are typically overworked and 
simply didn't have the resources available to improve the process. I've 
been here since July and I still haven't had the time to help them out.

> In a games type scenario it requires significantly more smarts in your 
> build
> systems. (Minor plug - myself and other Vizim colleages are quite
> knowledgeable in this area!).
Perhaps you'll be at the conference next month? :)


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