[p4] Pyperforce and Python 2.6

vmurphy vmurphy at cisco.com
Wed Aug 4 08:19:21 PDT 2010


I have been looking at pyperforce to help out in an django implementation
and I haven¹t had much luck on my mac and linux boxes. Has pyperforce been
obsoleted because of something better?

I googled around and can¹t seem to find a way to get pyperforce to work on
my Mac OS X 10.4 machine.  Has anybody had any luck getting this to work?

Another thing, on my linux box I used the rpm from pyperforce and the
site-packages were put into /usr/lib/python2.4 which really doesn¹t help too
much since I¹m using python 2.6. :-(

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Vinny Murphy

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