[p4] continuos integration triggers

G2345C g2345c at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 18:21:37 PDT 2010

Hello all,
i am ttrying to do this task, but would like to hear more ideas from you.

let says i have 2 branches //depot/main/... and //depot/dev/...
i would like to have a post-submit trigger on the //depot/main/... that will continuosly integrate new submitted changelist id into //depot/dev/... branch but only create a pending changlist id with those integrate files (not submit for now).

i have 2 ideas:
1. perform on the submitter's machine
create a pending chagelist called $pchangelist
then: p4 -p $port -u $user -c $client -H $host integ -c $pchangelist //depot/main/...@$changeid,$changeid //depot/dev/...

2. perform on a dedicated machine for this task.
create a pending chagelist called $pchangelist
then: p4 -p $port -u $dedicateuser -c $dedicateclient -H $dedicatehost integ -c $pchangelist //depot/main/...@$changeid,$changeid //depot/dev/...

the problem with idea #1 is that, the user's client specs must set to view both branches. May be more...

what do you think? and what do you think is best for this task?



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