[p4] How to findout changes in the current client

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	Are you saying that you are, or are not, seeing old (pre-deletion) changes reported against a recreated client spec name? I would expect that to be the case. A client's name is its unique key; if it is deleted and new client created it with the same name, I would expect that to be treated as the same client. You could check this by examining the revision history of the client spec file in a 'spec depot'.
	Assuming this is the case, why would you want to reset the change history of a client by deleting and recreating it? Are you trying to use client spec name as a key into per-issue branching? If the history is that relevant, then just create new, uniquely named client specs.
	If this were not the case, how would you access the change history by client spec name from before the most recent deletion?
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Hi Folks,

I have a client and want to find out all change numbers (either submitted or
pending ) from that client.
So far, i was using

%p4 changes -c <client name>

But looks like I am doing wrong. What if there was client with <client name>
and there was few submits in that and
and that is deleted and recreated a new client with the same name but no
changes (submitted or pending) in the new client (but old name).

Any solution?

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