[p4] Changing file case in perforce, using a windows server

Gregory Giguashvili Gregory.Giguashvili at PDGM.com
Thu Aug 12 03:17:30 PDT 2010

What about renaming "Layers" to "layers-case" and then "layers-case" to "layers"? I cannot try this because I don't have a Windows Perforce server, but I remember applying this trick on some other Windows programs.


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I am sure we are not the first team facing this problem - we would like
to change the case of a few folders in our depots.

At the moment the cases of our files and folders are a bit all over the
place, we came up a beautiful naming convention to sort it out but we
faced some issues when trying to use the "move/rename" feature in p4 -
it give us an error message saying something along the lines of "the
file already exists".

Just to give you an example, we would like to rename "Layers" to

I am aware of this knowledge base article:

It is proposing deleting and re-adding files with the new case which
sounds like a bit of a hack... Like making integrations to this branch
non trivial and also, forcing everybody to get rid or their local copies
and getting latest again.

Sounds like a lot of hassle for a simple rename operation...

I am wondering do you guys had any success in the past tackling this
problem? I am thinking along the lines of doing some server-side
search&replace/rename operations. I know it can be very dangerous so I
would only consider it if you are aware of a reasonably trivial

Thanks in advance!

Norbert Szabo
Bizarre Creations Ltd.

Ps: And please, do not propose to move our server to Linux. Cheers! :)

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