[p4] Explain this interchanges dilema?

Gabor Maghera gmaghera at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 13:53:12 PDT 2010

p4 interchanges is an officially unsupported feature for this very reason.
 The integ command works at the file level, whereas interchanges (by
default) works with changelists.  That leaves the interesting, but difficult
to solve, question on how to report changelists which have had a subset of
their files integrated (while keeping the command and its output easy to
read).  Hopefully once we get the streams feature we got teased with at the
2009 user conference, this will be addressed as well.


On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 12:51 PM, George Muresan <
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> Does anyone have an update on this issue? Was this solved, or is there a
> workaround?
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> Roy --
> We've encountered a couple of false positives in interchanges a while ago.
> Briefly, our issue was that if one (later) change was cherry-picked and
> integrated, while another (earlier) change was not, interchanges would keep
> reporting the later change as needed to be integrated. If you run "p4
> integ" against that change, it would correctly say that all
> revisions were integrated. Your case sounds very much like this one.
> We opened a support call (#987040) with Perforce some time ago, but we
> believe
> they don't have plans to fix this soon.
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