[p4] Renaming oddity

Robert Schneider robert.schneider at maroxx.at
Wed Aug 18 04:59:50 PDT 2010

I just noticed that renaming files or folders could cause problems. I
just would like to know if I see this correctly and that someone can
affirm this or correct me.

Server is on Windows, client on Linux. I have changed the case of a
folder which is possible only if the folder gets renamed twice. First
with a dummy name, second with the target name. So I changed the name
this way: WinPlan->WinPlanTemp->Winplan. This works fine.

Now I noticed that if I get a before-renaming-revision of a file in this
folder the old folder name is not used. It seems that from now on the
new folder name is used, also for older revisions. If this is the way
Perforce works than I assume that this could make problems if I have
source files that contain the folder name (e.g. includes in c files).
Those entries must have been also changed when the renaming has
happened, of course. But then if I get the older revision there would be
a difference between the case of the name in the file and the case of
the folder name. Then it's likely that I could get compile errors, i.e.
I cannot get an older version of my product source code without editing
things manually.

Is this a problem with Perforce or did I do something wrong?

Thank you.

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