[p4] Renaming oddity

Paul-Marc Bougharios paulmarc.bougharios at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 05:17:21 PDT 2010

Dear Robert,

It's actually how your platform with Perforce works: you have a Windows
server and Linux clients, so you have a potential problem.
More on this can be found in

The only way out of this mess is in my opinion to branch out your path,
revision-by-revision, to a -yet- new one, with no change in case.
Or, if you can, it would be much better to migrate your server to Linux.

Take care,
Paul-Marc Bougharios, Engr

May God Be With You

P.S.: Why would you have a Windows server, in the first place ;-)?

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 13:59, Robert Schneider
<robert.schneider at maroxx.at>wrote:

> I just noticed that renaming files or folders could cause problems. I
> just would like to know if I see this correctly and that someone can
> affirm this or correct me.
> Server is on Windows, client on Linux. I have changed the case of a
> folder which is possible only if the folder gets renamed twice. First
> with a dummy name, second with the target name. So I changed the name
> this way: WinPlan->WinPlanTemp->Winplan. This works fine.
> Now I noticed that if I get a before-renaming-revision of a file in this
> folder the old folder name is not used. It seems that from now on the
> new folder name is used, also for older revisions. If this is the way
> Perforce works than I assume that this could make problems if I have
> source files that contain the folder name (e.g. includes in c files).
> Those entries must have been also changed when the renaming has
> happened, of course. But then if I get the older revision there would be
> a difference between the case of the name in the file and the case of
> the folder name. Then it's likely that I could get compile errors, i.e.
> I cannot get an older version of my product source code without editing
> things manually.
> Is this a problem with Perforce or did I do something wrong?
> Thank you.
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