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It's not easy, especially when you consider that the workspace
might be only partly synced to that label. That is, the label
was used with a more restrictive path than that in the label

One rather crude method is to take each label that might apply
to the workspace (you can determine this by the view in the
labels, or if you use a meaningful naming convention) and do a
test sync (p4 sync -n) of each one in the workspace. With luck,
only one of them will show zero actions. However, it's possible
that more than one will seem correct, or that none of them will.

Essentially, you're trying to access label information backwards.
They are aliases for a particular state of the repository, but
are not a state in and of themselves. (I.e., "synced to which
label" isn't really meaningful in Perforce.)

If you need to duplicate the state of a workspace into another
workspace, are you aware that workspace names are also labels?
You can sync one workspace to the same state as another by using
the other workspace's name. (Assuming the views are compatible.)


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I have perforce workspace which is synced with p4 label specification. i
want to know which label has been sync here in my workspace.

Could you please let me know the command for this?

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