[p4] How to import personal p4 repo into main p4 repo

Matt Janulewicz matt.janulewicz at lucasfilm.com
Thu Aug 19 10:40:59 PDT 2010

For the present situation I'd think about using a remote depot to 
connect to the remote user's server and integrating the changes into yours.

For the future I'd consider using a late version of P4 and P4V (if 
you're both not already), have the remote user connect directly to your 
server and use the 'take workspace offline' feature. This basically 
spins a local server for the remote user where they can do what they 
want then reconcile the changes later, all while working disconnected 
from your network.

There is no easy/practical/safe way to merge together two p4 databases.

-Matt Janulewicz
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.

On 08/19/2010 12:24 AM, Sam Liddicott wrote:
>    If a remote developer completes a project using a personal p4 server,
> what is the procedure to bring that project into the company perforce
> server, complete with all the change history?
> With git, it would just be a simple "git push" command, so I am sure
> perforce must be able to manage it, but I haven't been able to find out how.
> I see interesting tools like this:
> http://public.perforce.com/public/revml/index.html
> to convert from other formats to perforce, but nothing to convert
> perforce to perforce.
> Sam

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