[p4] re-organize layout one level deeper

Lee Marzke lee at marzke.net
Thu Aug 19 13:11:52 PDT 2010

Your choices are:

1. Integrate to new location,  delete the old:
    This preserves the history,  so you can always go back to the old 
//depot/y/   tree if needed.

2. p4 duplicate  //depot/y  //depot/x/y,    then  p4 obliterate //depot/y
     This has the effect of just changing just the database,  but you 
now don't have the original //depot/y
      so that software builds that worked previously may now be broken.  
( You've changed history )

So if //depot/y was simply created in the wrong place and doesn't have 
important history,  then with
proper backups of the depot beforehand, you might find #2 to be helpful.

Note p4 duplicate is an undocumented command ( p4 help undoc ),   so 
consult your administrator or
Perforce support before running this on any production depot !      
Certainly take a p4 checkpoint before
running this in case of problems.

Lee Marzke

On 08/19/2010 02:13 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> We want to move our entire depot one level deeper than its current 
> location, i.e., we want to move
> //depot/y -> //depot/x/y
> Is there a way to modify the database directly to achieve this, or 
> does it need to be one massive integration?
> --Quanah

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