[p4] perforce "svn:externals" equivalent

Ilya Kazakevich Ilya.Kazakevich at jetbrains.com
Tue Aug 24 12:24:00 PDT 2010


I have several libraries I want to share between my projects. All they are
in //myDepo/myLibraries/

So, I want to have folder "myLibraries" in my projects. In SVN I could do so
using "svn:external" attribute that makes my folder content to be fetched
from another folder each time I do "update" ("sync" in perfoce terms). 

Is it possible to achieve same functionality in perforce? I was thinking
about workspace mapping:


//myDepo/myProject/...  //myWorkSpace/myProject/...

//myDepo/myLibraries/...  //myWorkSpace/myProject/libraries/...

But I really do not like this idea because I believe this info should be
part of depo, not workspace. Additionally I am not sure it will work fine. 
So, is it possible to solve it on VCS layer?

Thank you.

Ilya Kazakevich,
JetBrains Inc
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