[p4] need newbie help for "file(s) not on client"

Ricky Charlet RCharlet at adaranet.com
Fri Aug 27 17:50:15 PDT 2010

                So, the bottom line of what I want is a unified diff. I was using p4v on windows (with a samba mapped drive) but the diff/merge tool in p4v does not seem to be able to save a unified diff. (please correct me if I'm wrong on this point and my problem will be most happily solved).

                Then I tried using the p4 command line tool on my freebsd system. However, I think I am in a bit of an odd space because my workspace was created by p4v and now I'm trying to get p4 (cli) to 'see' the same files in my workspace after the fact of my p4v get-latest-version and checkout and some file edits.

Here are some various outputs:
$ p4 fstat ddupint.c
ddupint.c - file(s) not in client view.
$ p4 edit ddupint.c
ddupint.c - file(s) not on client.
$ p4 sync ddupint.c
ddupint.c - file(s) not in client view.

                What should I do to get my p4 (cli) to see the files on my p4v workspace? If I get that solved, I hope to proceed from there to get p4 (cli) to make my unified diff for me `p4 diff -du`.

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