[p4] Taking work offline from P4 cli?

Sheizaf, Yariv yariv.sheizaf at sap.com
Mon Aug 30 22:55:10 PDT 2010


Johan Nilsson wrote:

	"After some initial hinting from Robert Cowham (thanks!), and later contact 
	with Perforce Support, I've been using the P4 CLI when working offline a 
	couple of times. AFAIK you need to go offline using P4V initially, but once 
	that's done you can use the CLI for offline work on that specific workspace."

Is it true? Perforce software always kept the rule "Everything is possible via CLI. There is not a UI (P4V, P4WEB, IDEs, etc.) activity that can't be done using command line interface". 

Is this smart policy changed?  

Yariv Sheizaf

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