[p4] Taking work offline from P4 cli?

Johan Nilsson r.johan.nilsson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 23:42:10 PDT 2010

Sheizaf, Yariv wrote:
> Hi,
> Johan Nilsson wrote:
> "After some initial hinting from Robert Cowham (thanks!), and later
> contact
> with Perforce Support, I've been using the P4 CLI when working
> offline a
> couple of times. AFAIK you need to go offline using P4V initially,
> but once
> that's done you can use the CLI for offline work on that specific
> workspace."
> Is it true? Perforce software always kept the rule "Everything is
> possible via CLI. There is not a UI (P4V, P4WEB, IDEs, etc.) activity
> that can't be done using command line interface".

I don't know if it is "true", I'm just sharing whatever information I know 
about, with the hope that someone might find it useful. It's quite possible 
(even likely) that Perforce developers know some way to go offline without 

> Is this smart policy changed?

You should ask Perforce. That being said I'd be surprised if there isn't an 
officially supported way to get offline using the CLI within the next couple 
of releases. I consider the current functionality merely a step in the right 
direction from Perforce (the company) in the way of having offline work 
supported in the "core".

In the meantime, add your request and support for this feature by contacting 
Perforce Support.

Johan Nilsson

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