[p4] Taking work offline from P4 cli?

Robert Cowham robert at vizim.com
Tue Aug 31 05:56:59 PDT 2010

There are various ways you can view this, but all the actions done by P4V
*could* be done using the CLI - it's just that there are lots and lots of
individual CLI commands in this case to "take a workspace offline".

So in theory it's all perfectly doable, but in practice rather tricky - an
exercise for the (very) advanced reader perhaps... 

Mind you there are other "grey areas" - how does one effectively reproduce
"Revision Graph" via the CLI?!

Robert (playing devil's advocate...)

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> Hi,
> Johan Nilsson wrote:
> 	"After some initial hinting from Robert Cowham 
> (thanks!), and later contact 
> 	with Perforce Support, I've been using the P4 CLI when 
> working offline a 
> 	couple of times. AFAIK you need to go offline using P4V 
> initially, but once 
> 	that's done you can use the CLI for offline work on 
> that specific workspace."
> Is it true? Perforce software always kept the rule 
> "Everything is possible via CLI. There is not a UI (P4V, 
> P4WEB, IDEs, etc.) activity that can't be done using command 
> line interface". 
> Is this smart policy changed?  

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