[p4] Taking work offline from P4 cli?

Gabor Maghera gmaghera at gmail.com
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Also keep in mind that an offline server involves running a server
locally which is a p4d operation on your client machine. Windows
Perforce installers come with it, but other operating system's have to
download the individual binaries and they lack an installer. My best
guess is that P4V has the server bundled for offline operation.


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On Aug 31, 2010, at 5:56 AM, "Robert Cowham" <robert at vizim.com> wrote:

> There are various ways you can view this, but all the actions done by P4V
> *could* be done using the CLI - it's just that there are lots and lots of
> individual CLI commands in this case to "take a workspace offline".
> So in theory it's all perfectly doable, but in practice rather tricky - an
> exercise for the (very) advanced reader perhaps...
> Mind you there are other "grey areas" - how does one effectively reproduce
> "Revision Graph" via the CLI?!
> Robert (playing devil's advocate...)
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>> Hi,
>> Johan Nilsson wrote:
>>    "After some initial hinting from Robert Cowham
>> (thanks!), and later contact
>>    with Perforce Support, I've been using the P4 CLI when
>> working offline a
>>    couple of times. AFAIK you need to go offline using P4V
>> initially, but once
>>    that's done you can use the CLI for offline work on
>> that specific workspace."
>> Is it true? Perforce software always kept the rule
>> "Everything is possible via CLI. There is not a UI (P4V,
>> P4WEB, IDEs, etc.) activity that can't be done using command
>> line interface".
>> Is this smart policy changed?
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