[p4] Move/Rename a file that has already been renamed in IDE

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Wed Jul 10 08:00:01 PDT 2013

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I'm working with an IDE that only natively supports the Add, Edit, and
Revert functions.  I got myself into a situation and I know a way to
"brute force" my way out, but I'd like to see if there's a
better solution.


>From within the development environment I
1. Checked out a file (Finite Calculation.c) for editing.
2. Performed a Save As.. to rename the file on disk as (Infinite
Calculation.c).  This action not only saves a copy as "Infinite
Calculation.c" but deletes the original "Finite Calculation.c"
and points all dependent code to the new file name/location.
3.  I marked the new file (Infinite Calculation.c) for Add to the

So at this point what I see in the P4V default changelist is:
1. Finite Calculation.c marked for Edit
2. Infinite Calculation.c marked for Add

What I'd like to see happen is the two changelist entries merged into a
single "Rename".  Is there a way to do this after the file
has already been renamed in the workspace?

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