[p4] Move/Rename a file that has already been renamed in IDE

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Wed Jul 10 11:30:02 PDT 2013

Posted on behalf of forum user 'P4Sam'.

"revert -k" and "move -k" will fix it
up.  You'll need to either do this from the command line or write
a custom tool to do it in P4V.  Here's an example:

C:\test\local\client\forum\a>cat finite finite
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>p4 edit finite
//depot/forum/a/finite#1 - opened for edit
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>mv finite infinite
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>echo infinite >
infinite C:\test\local\client\forum\a>p4 add
infinite //depot/forum/a/infinite#1 - opened for add
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>p4 opened
//depot/forum/a/finite#1 - edit default change (text) //depot/forum/a/infinite#1
- add default change (text)
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>p4 revert -k infinite
//depot/forum/a/infinite#none - was add, abandoned
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>p4 move -k finite
infinite //depot/forum/a/infinite#1 - moved from //depot/forum/a/finite#1
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>p4 opened
//depot/forum/a/finite#1 - move/delete default change (text)
//depot/forum/a/infinite#1 - move/add default change (text)
C:\test\local\client\forum\a>cat infinite infinite  
I noticed after running that test that you don't actually need the
"-k" on the revert because reverting an add will "abandon"
it by default, but generally speaking "revert -k" is what you do to
"revert" a file's state as far as the server is concerned while
leaving it intact in your workspace.  Similarly, "move -k"
does the move without performing the corresponding move of the workspace file;
it's there for precisely this situation, where you've already moved the
file and just need to update its open state accordingly in Perforce.

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