[p4] Move/Rename a file that has already been renamed in IDE

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Wed Jul 10 12:10:01 PDT 2013

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Mailman Sync - thank you for the quick reply.   Consistent with what I
was thinking I would have to do eventually.

P4Sam - thank you, I tested this method out and it worked out
accordingly.  I was headed down the -k path, but wasn't really
sure if that was going to work or not.  I also needed the specific
order of operations you called out in order to make it work accordingly.

The development environment in question here is LabVIEW from National
Instruments.  Browsing their forums I found their recommended method
as well:


It's likely going to require user training to alleviate it being a
problem.  Users will need to step out of the environment for a
rename/move operation BEFORE they make the change.

If they don't, we'll need to just go down this path.  Thank
you both for your help.

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