[p4] p4v sync with a GUID?

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Fri Jul 12 08:50:01 PDT 2013

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Unshelve won't force a sync. A forced sync could be from the user saying so
(checking the force sync button in the get revision dialog), but even in that
circumstance, if you have a file open for resolve, it won't blow away the
resolve. The file is still open for resolve regardless of whether or not the
file is sync'd or not. So unless the sync occured after a revert, the file
should still be resolve-able with no data lost other than it may now be a
nastier resolve since a file got sync'd on top, forcing the resolve of both
whatever had come before, in addition to the new revision.

p4 list is only run in p4v when the user is explicitly sync'ing. So the
combo of commands I see there tells me that the user initiated a sync manually,
likely with the force checkbox checked. The message you see there about must
resolve before submitting means that there was a file checked out before the
sync was started. No data has been lost at this stage of the game, the open work
just needs to be resolved with the new revision that was sync'd on top of

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