[p4] Usage of ignore files

P4Matt perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Mon Jul 15 14:30:01 PDT 2013

Posted on behalf of forum user 'P4Matt'.

I've create a sample P4IGNORE based on your examples.

mac-matt:ignoreTest matt $ p4 set P4CLIENT=matt-mac-matt (config)
P4CONFIG=p4.config (config
'/Users/matt/clients/test/play1999/p4.config') P4IGNORE=p4.ignore
P4PORT=qaplay:1999 (config) P4USER=matt (config) mac-matt:ignoreTest matt $
cat p4.ignore ProjectName/bin _UpgradeReport_Files/*.* Backup/*.htm*
Backup/*someString mac-matt:ignoreTest matt $ ls -R Backup ProjectName
_UpgradeReport_Files p4.ignore ./Backup: asdf.htmlol qwerty.html
trololololololsomeString ./ProjectName: bin src ./ProjectName/bin:
./ProjectName/src: foo.js ./_UpgradeReport_Files: bar.jpg foo.txt
mac-matt:ignoreTest matt $ p4 status ProjectName/src/foo.js - reconcile to
add //depot/matt/ignoreTest/ProjectName/src/foo.js#1  
The 'p4 status' at the ends show that only the one .js file which is not
configured to be ignored is added, so all appears to be well. One thing to note
is the file can have any extension you want. I use 'p4.ignore' across
all my various platforms.

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