[p4] how to make labelsync label deleted files

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Tue Jul 16 06:45:01 PDT 2013

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We use two-branch policy for regular development in our project. All the
developers submit their work into main-dev branch. An automatic integration
process runs periodically on the client mapped to this branch. If the build and
primary tests pass successfully the revisions in this build client are labeled
with labelsync (meanwhile main-dev branch may contain more advanced revisions)
and the integrate command transfers the labelled revisions into an official
main-int branch.
The problem is that p4 labelsync command does not reflect deleted files and
following integrate does not delete the files in main-dev branch. Is there any
way to label the necessary snapshot without knowing the latest changelist when
the build started? We tried regular p4 labelsync -l SUCCESS_BUILD and p4
labelsync -l SUCCESS_BUILD //depot/main-dev/...#have and p4 tag -l
SUCCESS_BUILD //depot/main-dev/...#have  but wthout avail.
Apaprently that if to write down the latest changelist in main-dev branch when
the build starts and later use it for revision specification it does work. But
maybe we miss something with labelsync and our method could work out?

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