[p4] how to make labelsync label deleted files

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Wed Jul 24 02:00:02 PDT 2013

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Thank to both of you for your answers and suggestions! Apparently there is
no escape from retaining the changelist number. The command
p4 labelsync  - a  - l test_label  //<client name>/...#delete
does not suit. It labels ALL the recently deleted files, even those deleted in
other client workspaces later than #have revision. That is if the last sync to
our workspace was at 11:00 AM and the build and tests finished at 19:00 ,  p4
labelsync  - l test_label  //<client name/...#have    would label
the right versions, but 
p4 labelsync  - a  - l test_label  //<client
name>/...#delete  would label also all the files that were deleted
between 11:00 AM and 19:00 in other workspaces and this is UNDESIRABLE

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