[p4] Pending Changelist Size

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If the "data size" means to be a sum of the length of each of the files in a pending change, this can be done only on the client side - server doesn't kjnow any specifics about pending files (except that they are in a pending change).
Therefore, in Unix I could do something like this:

-> du -sk `p4 opened | awk -F# '{print $1}' | p4 -x - where | awk '{print $3}'` | awk '{sum+=$1} END {print sum}'


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Sorry I should have been clearer. I'd like to have the total data size of a

For example if I had:

Changelist A1:
File A1
File B1
File C1
File D1
File E1

Changelist B1:
File A1
File B2
File C2

I'd like to know "Changelist A1" total data size.



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