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Wed Jul 24 07:40:02 PDT 2013

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Elliott Lock, on 2013/07/24 12:06:12 UTC, said:
>    OS: Windows 7
>   Access: Client side via P4V and/or Command Line.
>   I'm looking for the entire size of a pending changelist. Not a single file within a changelist, but the sum of all files within a changelist.
So as mentioned in previous posts, a pending changelist is by definition
client-sided, thus its size is unknown to the Perforce server and therefore no
Perforce command can be run against the server that is going to return that
information. I can think of 2 solutions:

-  Michael's solution above is the most straight forward and could be ported
  to any operating system. Basically you get a list of the files in the
  changelist by querying the server (that's the  p4 opened  part), you find
  out where they are mapped on your local system (that's the  p4 where 
  part) and you add those file sizes.
-  You could try this: shelve your changelist (here to 123456), and run  p4
  sizes -s @=123456   then delete the shelve.

What you are not saying is why do you need to do this. Are you trying to preempt
the impact on your server storage, or the size of the changelist when someone
syncs it to a client after it has been submitted ?
The reason for this question is that there are other considerations that would
skew your result for either scenario:

-  You could have 10MB worth of files opened in a changelist, but only 1MB of
  those files has actually been modified. If you client  SubmitOptions
  is set to "revertunchanged", or if you run  p4 revert -a  before
  submitting, then the real size of the changelist is 1MB, not 10.
-  If what you want to measure is the impact on the server, then files open for
  branch count as 0 size since they would just be lazy copies once submitted,
  for example. You could use the shelve method with the "-z" flag to
  omit lazy copies in the calculation.

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