[p4] P4VS ignore over WAN

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Thu Jul 25 04:20:01 PDT 2013

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Hi there,

I know there has been talk about making p4v/p4vs work "better" over a
WAN/high-latency connection, but I just thought I'd ask if you know of any
way to avoid the following:

1) one of my projects has a large number (109 at last count) of ignored files,
which I ignore using the P4IGNORE behaviour.
2) when scrolling to the point where that project becomes visible in Visual
Studio 2010, the entire VS2010 window freezes for 40 seconds.

I've attached the p4vs log to show you an example.  the 40 seconds
is simple p4vs going back and forward to the server 109 times for files which I
have already specified that I'd like to ignore.

Hope you can suggest something.


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