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Wed May 1 08:35:01 PDT 2013

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You don't connect to a single depot, per se. You connect to the server the
depots live on. The depots are then "connected" to by mapping them in
the workspace mappings.

So, let's say your server is local, so the server port is localhost:1666
(the default is 1666, but that could have been remapped). When you first create
a workspace against the server with the depots you're describing above,
would create a default mapping (view) that looks like:

//depot/... //workspaceName/depot/...
//Test_depot/... //workspaceName/Test_depot/...
//Test_depot2/... //workspaceName/Test_depot2/...

//streamsDepot/... //workspaceName/streamsDepot/...

So in essence, you're "connecting" to all of them. To only see one
of them, you'll need to remove the mapping lines for the depots you
don't want. So for the client that you only want to see //depot, you would
make the view look like:

//depot/... //workspaceName/depot/...

Stripping out the other three lines.

Do the same for the other workspaces, only mapping in the line that pertains to
the depot you want to work in.

Does that make sense?

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