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So, can someone please do an "Admin Getting Started" document to match
the one for users? (This one:   
http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.current/manuals/p4v-gs/p4v-gs.pdf  is for
users and *not* for a brand new admin).

First let's assume some work flow:
1) I am an author in addition to my day job, so let's assume I am going to
do some work on some downloaded code for a software defined radio called
HPSDR.  I want a sandbox repository for all of my play around code and
a release repository for stuff for my readers. Trust me. I don't want to
mingle code from the two different repositories.
2) I do a fresh install of Perforce on my Linux box @
3) I use P4Admin.exe on my Windows box to connect to the freshly installed
server. I create two depots named HPSDR_sandbox and HPSDR_release.   I
also create my user name of "Dad".  I exit (or minimize)
4) I need to create a directory for my local workspace on my Windows machine, so
I create a directory called C:\HPSDR.
4) I start up P4V. I fill in the server address in the dialog:,  User: Dad, Workspace: C:\HPSDR.  Now I
click OK.

I *think* this is where things are screwed up on the Perforce side.  I
*HAVE NOT* created a workspace called HPSDR located at C:\HPSDR (despite what
the dialog would have you believe).  Instead, I  have
created a connection to an as yet unamed workspace.  I *think* the
label on the text box of the connection dialog should say "Workspace Root
Directory" or "Workspace Root Folder" depending on how long you
have been doing software.  Us old farts still call them directories.

If I understand correctly, I need to do one more step outside of P4V and create
the directories C:\HPSDR\HPSDR_sandbox and C:\HPSDR\HPSDR_release so I have the
linkage between my depot names and my actual workspaces.  The names
HPSDR_sanbox and HPSDR_release correspond to my depot names and are required for
the files to be stored in the actual depots I created in P4Admin.

*NOW*, I can use " Connection->New Workspace... " to actually
create a workspace.  Until I do this step I *think* I do not actually
have a workspace in P4V.  It is at this step that I use the dialog to
make a connection between the directory on my disk and the depot on the server.

So now I have two files that I want to store in my HPSDR_sandbox
depot.  I want the directory structure to be DSP_folder\main.c and
DSP_folder\makefile.  If I understand correctly I need to copy main.c
and makefile into the path C:\HPSDR\HPSRD_sandbox\DSP_folder\main.c and
C:\HPSDR\HPSRD_sandbox\DSP_folder\makefile.  At this point I can mark
both files for ADD and do a submit to actually store them into my
depot.  They will have names of DSP_folder\main.c and
DSP_folder\makefile in the depot.

Is all of the preceding correct?  Can someone  please  put that in a
document that is at the top level of the web page?

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