[p4] Requesting Help on How to PREFIL Perforce Changelist Description

Michael Mirman Michael.Mirman at mathworks.com
Thu May 2 07:06:33 PDT 2013

We use the change-out trigger to pre-populate the change form.
The change-in trigger verifies the form (whether the user wrote everything correctly).
If the verification fails, we do *not* fail the trigger, but rather leave "error messages" in the change description.
Then, the change-submit trigger rejects the submission if the change contains those errors.

The reason we do this is that if the change-out trigger fails, the user loses what s/he typed, which makes them upset.
We can also put in the error very specific things.
Some examples:
	- files submitted to a certain directory require user to specify who reviewed the code;
	- certain directories are closed for submissions (we prefer to manage certain things by the triggers rather than by the protect table);
	- certain areas require changes to be associated with Perforce jobs.

Michael Mirman
MathWorks, Inc.

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> Hi P4Matt,
> We use GUI to submit changes.
> You have understood exactly what I need. Intention is to reduce developers'
> burden to bare minimum.
> The field "Write a changelist description" under "submit
> changelist" window should already be filled with a pre-defined template.
> Hence the developer just needs to modify or add few words and press submit.
> They
> need not remember the whole paragraph.
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