[p4] Initial Workspace setup and depot connection

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Thu May 2 10:30:01 PDT 2013

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Very instructive and pretty normal stuff if you are a user who is connecting to
an existing set of code base and doing work.

I will reiterate.  I have been unable to find any instructions for a
brand new administrator on how he would go about populating an empty server with
one or more depots.  I seem to recall somewhere that there is a root
called "depot" and all project repositories are supposed to go under
that.  However, I was able to create depots with other names, so I am
not sure.

One other concept that I think I have gleaned is that the client view is
"workspace->depot_name->project_root folder->file" rather
than "depot_name->workspace->project_root_folder->file"
.  "depot_name->project_root_folder->file" is what is
actually stored in the server.  Correct?

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