[p4] P4.exe fstat and -x - add (Two questions)

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Fri May 3 03:25:01 PDT 2013

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Ok, a couple of questions here, first up, fstat on the command line.

I recently moved all files within a depot to be inside a sub-folder, but when I
do 'p4 fstat //client/...' it shows stats for the files in the previous
location followed by the files in the new location, almost like a full history.

How do I make sure it only shows output for files at head revision, or discard
file that are effectively deleted?

Second up is taking std input as part of an add command, the docs say it takes
one command per line, so is this in effect just a glorified string
concatenation? As it out be nice to do ..

p4 -x - add
  -t binary file1
  -t binary file2
  -t text file3
  -t text file4


as is, it seems you have to do

p4 -x - add -t binary
  file 1
  file 2

p4 -x - add -t text
  file 3
  file 4



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