[p4] Identifying an integrated change that was backed out

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Fri May 3 17:20:01 PDT 2013

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I have a corner case regarding Perforce integration history that is impacting
our Merge Report tool's results.
The Merge Report is a tool we have that runs "p4 interchanges branch1
branch2" to identify changes that were checked into branch1 and need to be
merged into branch2, and notifies the submitter that the change needs to be
merged to branch2.

The situation is :

- User checks Changelist 10000 into branch1
- Merge Report identifies Changelist 10000 as needing to be merged into branch2,
and notifies User
- User merges Changelist 10000 from branch1 to branch2. This happened as
Changelist 10001
- User does testing and realizes branch2 is not ready for this change, and backs
out Changelist 10001 from branch2. This happens as Changelist 10002

So as a result the contents of Changelist 10000 are no longer in branch2

When the Merge Reports runs again, it is no longer identifying Change 10000 as
needing to be merged into branch2.

I'm guessing Perforce doesn't UNDO the integration history for Change
10000, just because the change was later backed out.

I'm wondering if anyone has any smart way of covering this corner case, so
we can have the Merge Report report that the backed out change needs to be


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