[p4] p4 checkout still leaves file as read-only under Cygwin

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Mon May 6 10:05:01 PDT 2013

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I have a user who demonstrated to me a strange problem.  He used p4v
(Rev. Perforce Visual Client/NTX86/2013.1/611291) on Windows to check-out a
file, but the file is behaving as if it were read-only.   For example,
he edits the file in Notepad and tries to save the file only to get "access
denied" error message.   The read-only attribute is unchecked in
File Properties.   He's able to check-out/save/submit oither files
in an nearby directory with no issue.   He did mention that he
occasionally uses Cygwin to perform scripted-edits on some
files.  I'm wondering if somehow he managed to "hi-jack"
the files from Cygwin in such a way that Perforce check-out is not able to
change the file to read-write (rw-r-r). So I guess my question is there any
option in Perforce to somehow override the Cygwin permissions.   I
suppose I could also have the user do a force-sync on all the files in his
workspace and tell him to avoid touching the files under Cygwin.

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