[p4] Problems getting LDAP Active Directory Authentication working

Matt Janulewicz Matt.Janulewicz at lucasfilm.com
Tue May 7 10:58:23 PDT 2013

Also, what version of P4 on the server? There was a time not so long ago where passwords were limited to 16 characters, and you'd get this kind of error if someone had a longer password. It was recently fixed though I don't recall exactly where the cutoff was, version-wise.

Might consider actually printing the $result->code so you know what it is.

We use a modified version of this script and our error section at the end has all this in it, just to be sure everything is being passed in correctly:

if ($login_success eq "FALSE") {
	print "LDAP bind failure! Did you type your network password correctly?\n";
	print "Result code: ";
	print $result->code;
	print "\n";
	print "Domain: $domain\n";
	print "User:   $user\n";
	print "Host:   $host\n";
	print "Port:   $port\n";
	exit 1;

Matt Janulewicz
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.

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I'll be honest; I haven't the foggiest.��Have you tried
running the script by hand? It would be good to take Perforce out of the
picture. I read over the script and the Net::LDAP docs and everything looks
copacetic. Are there unicode characters in the user name or password that could
be causing it grief?

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