[p4] P4.exe fstat and -x - add (Two questions)

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Thu May 9 02:25:01 PDT 2013

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Sorry, the second part, the one with depotfile,clientfile and haverev isn't
what I was wanting, this was apended to the output from fstat, so you had two
lots of output, a bunch of more verbose stats followed by a bunch with those
three stats (this was with no filtering at all as I wanted to locate the
duplicate entries, or at least what I thought were duplicates). However, I think
I've found the problem. Stripping sensitive data from the sample I posted
hid the real cause.

What's happening is that I have a streamed depot, release -> main ->
dev, stream prefs are marked as use same workspace and switch between streams +
automatically update workspace.  This would be fine in P4V but as
I'm writing a custom tool and for testing purposes I set flags for commands
that have them to just show me what would happen rather than doing
it  sync -n for example.  Here I think is the problem.

I can replicate this like so, if you're currently working in a streamed
branch that is synced (my dev branch in this case) and I switch streams to the
release branch without syncing, when you do a fstat call, what you get back is
what I posted above, a list of files in the current stream your in followed by a
list of files in the stream that you are synced to.

So this will all go away once I remove -n for my sync op.  Whether
this is a bug within P4 I'm uncertain, there may be logistical reasons this
happen. Or it might just be a case that it's streams throwing a spanner in
the works. With sharing workspaces the clientFile's were identical, hence
the red herring, however the depotfile differed.  So apologies for the
duff sample data.  And sorry for this thread going on longer than it
should have.  :)

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